Saturday, November 08, 2008

On the footsteps of Umair Moheet Khan

When kids from 2007 and 2008 batch come up to me and say "Rafaeel Bhai, i have been inspired by your personality and want you to guide me", the only thing that comes to my mind is "WTF? Are they fools giving me such an honor? How can a highly unstable person like me help them out?" Perhaps, its not their fault.I have always looked up to my seniors as well but the culture was somewhat different at that moment of time. We have been like obedient siblings to our seniors.There used to be conflicts and few disagreements with them at some moment of time but the most important and beautiful thing was that we never let the disrespect come in between that.Nowadays, the attitude is that you have been paid to help the juniors and they have the right to insult you in campus or other public forums .Anyways, lets not deviate from what i should be writing here actually.

The person photographed above on the left hand side is also one of my mentors. I was a volunteer in IEEE WEEK 2004, when suddenly Waqas Bhai asked me that we need to do invitations for SOFTEC and you are in my team.I was reluctant to join as by that time i had made up my mind to work for IEEE and had no idea what SOFTEC was all about.Sohail Athar (Batch 2003) told me more about the scale of SOFTEC and i thought of giving "SOFTECing" a try.

I think it was late September 2004 when Waqas Bhai took me into the SOFTEC office for the first time.Those days it used be in the "A" (Now called 'M') Block, infront of Academic Office.This room is currently the "Accounts Office" of the university. It was there when i first saw this bulky dude giving instructions of setting up the office table, computers and other office equipment in place.By that time, i didn't know that he was the President of the society.Anyways, Waqas Bhai asked me to help Aemad in clearing up the mess and getting things right in the premises.That's how i started out my SOFTEC journey.

I spent like 9-10 fruitful months with this gang.But being the president of the society, Umair Bhai had been a true inspiration. After a discussion session with Nauman Bhai in Spring 2005, i planned that i'll go for SOFTEC as per the 'A' plan.I always had been following Umair Bhai and others to learn out maximum before they eventually leave the campus, after their graduation.

Though me and Umair Bhai have so many similarities but i wouldn't discuss them all because some people would raise objection of a long blog post :) . Quoting few, turning from smart dudes to fat asses during our stay in FAST-NU, being cry babies, volunteer to AVP to President, once in a blue moon asthma, deviation from technical undergraduate degree and various other things make us men from the same pathway. The biggest similarity which has made me write this post is something that i don't want to share at this moment of time but that is surely something exciting which i would share with Umair Bhai personally some time.

Coming back, Umair Bhai forgot about SOFTEC last year and he didn't even realize that one of his kids is striving hard out there struggling to pull of an event under crucial circumstances. However, i think this is somewhat personal and i think one is not bound to be there for you as he/she has other tasks in life other than helping out people at FAST.

After graudation, Umair Bhai opened up a company called "Gambittech". I planned the next day that i'll be going the same way.However, few months later Umair Bhai abandoned the project and moved to Mantaq Systems.

Currently, i plan to do a startup right after my graduation.There are dozens of people out there who are saying "You'll fail like Umair Moheet! because when you graduate , you think you are ready to take on the world but in reality you even lack basic work ethics. See the example of Sharjeel, Adil and Yaser.They have worked for 2-3 years before starting their own successful venture."

But, "What Roofi is a Roofi who can listen to anybody" ;). I am not afraid of falling down because i know i would atleast learn out of it as in the case of my past bad experiences.

"Please, don't stop me! I want to play this game! Let me follow the footsteps of Umair Moheet Khan! May be there is a light in this tunnel this time over."


Anonymous said... @ November 9, 2008 at 4:53 PM

I can relate to most of it. I have similar ambitions and a similar mix of IEEE and Procom. Details some other time, may be. Good luck Roofi!

m.ahmad said... @ November 10, 2008 at 7:53 PM

I am with you. Those who take challenges and risks backed up by ambitious mind are never gonna fail !

Anonymous said... @ November 14, 2008 at 1:44 PM

"Rafaeel Bhai, i have been inspired by your personality and want you to guide me"

ROFL, Ask them to get their mental check-up done :)

Ur own Start-up, sounds interesting :) Besht of Luck :)

Anonymous said... @ January 29, 2009 at 11:21 PM

Oh bhai.. Umar Moheet was Umair Moheet..

Ur Roofi.. get a lyf boy..

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