Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Me & My Fluffies

As far back as I can remember, I was afraid of cats. Those fluffy little things that millions adore. But I was terrified of them. Their presence caused me absolute terror.But God gave me these wonderful cats which came in my life four years back whom i have ignored throughout my college life, without even realizing how much caring they were. Fluffies, you might be mad at me for being such a bad and self-obsessed friend who has never been there for you.As you know, I was trapped somewhere and now i have set myself free.Today, i am there for my lovely dovely fluffy cats out there for all the talks and gossiping because you are the ones whom i eventually need in my life. Here's the modified version of Mr.Fluffy Cat's poem for my sweethearts.

Fluffy, the day you were on my life's board
From that moment on, you are the one I adore.
4 years of fond memories have passed,
My love for you will always last.

You are the best friend I have ever had,
You are always there for me when I am sad.
There is not much you ask in return,
Yet, from you, so much I learn.

You have taught me to laugh and smile,
To be sensitive to your meows when you haven't seen me in a while.
To realize that people like you too are family,
But most of all, to love what surrounds me.

I cannot imagine my life without you my friend,
But to think you will always be with me, I can not pretend.
We have an understanding between us that will never die,
Even after you must say goodbye.

You make my life so worthwhile,
Through your purrs you make me smile.
So let us give cheers,
Baby, its been great to spend some beautiful and meaningful years.

Love, Goofy!


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Thankyou rOoooftop...merey liyey itni mehnat...

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