Thursday, November 13, 2008

Faiza Mujahid - Kahan Hoon Mein [Bandeya Girl - Khuda Ke Liye]

Faiza, the bandeya girl suffers a relentless blow to her name and her talent, while the incorrigible Khawar Jawad enjoys his 2 minutes of fame, marketing Faiza's composition as his own. The masses know her as the Bandeya girl, but long before that, Faiza was already composing and that was when "Kahan Hoon Mein" happened. However, a business split resulted in a jilted Khawar releasing the composition as his own. In order to right the wrong, Faiza released the song this October. However, due to lax copyright rules in Pakistan, she might not be able to do much, while her song gets publicized, sold, mixed and remixed without her consent in other countries, all without single credit to and the link

for free downloading.

This may not reap any monetary benefits for Faiza, but will help in correcting a moral wrong. Stop Piracy. Download her song with HER name and more importantly, HER consent, from here.

Comments are also welcome at Faiza Mujahid's Page on Facebook.


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