Sunday, November 02, 2008

"I Beautify Lahore"

On Sunday, 26th October 2008, i took part in the "I Beautify Lahore" campaign with my FAST-NU colleagues which was arranged by Samaa TV , Ankahi and Loose Ends Pakistan.It was great to do a community service project and give out the message that together we can "make a difference".

After the whole exercise, what i realized was that we need to change the basic human attitudes in Pakistan first.If we manage to do that somehow, nobody can stop us in becoming a developed nation.

The sad part was that none of those lawyer movement supporters and other student committees turned up raising slogans "Hum Mulk SAJANAY Niklay Hain, Aao Hamaray Saath Chalo".

Anyways, i would like to thank Sir Faisal, Ma'am Reema, Adnan Bhai and the rest of the Loose Ends Pakistan team for providing us a wonderful opportunity to express the tiny patriotism left inside us.


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