Saturday, December 12, 2009

Is Haftay Ke Aap Beetian - اِس ہفتےکی آپ بِیتِیاں

It should have been a progressive week as planned but as Sir Aftab Alam says “Planned things mostly don’t end up as planned” so was this week for me.

On Monday, I was informed that my driver’s mother has passed away and he would be on a week’s leave. The same afternoon I was informed by one of the employees that there are some personal issues, he needs some cash and leaving for his city. All I could say was “Fine”.

Since the final exams were about to start so I anticipated that Salman & Shigrif won’t come to office either and I would be having a FREE week sleeping with all my enthusiasm to make a difference, on my bedside table.

But the week had more to it.  Few of my friends are getting hitched this week so I planned to buy Gifts & Wrapping Sheets for them but postponed the plan for the next day due to the unavailability of driver. Allah Mian wanted to save me from the Moon Market Blasts that occurred on the Monday Night at the same time I normally do my shopping. Perhaps this is the reason my driver went on a leave.

The blasts were shocking and I didn’t feel like doing anything till Tuesday evening. Called up Sunny and he told me that we’ll be going for the PEC Registration tomorrow at 12:00 p.m. so get your documents ready.I went to the market for my photographs and prepared all documents overnight. Went to a two hour sleep around 9 in the morning on Wednesday.

As soon as I woke up, I had few messages in my cell phone to tell me that some people don’t consider me as their friends so I shouldn’t comment on their fb posts. This obviously did hurt me a lot considering the times I have taken their side in last few years. All I could say to myself was “FINE”. What more bitchiness this week has for me? Bring It On. Called up Sunny to confirm the plan and he told me that Sabih didn’t get the attestations done so the plan has been postponed till tomorrow. I threw my cell away and tried to sleep in the GARAM GARAM RAZAI in frustration. But my nani amman can’t let me in peace of mind. She came that your cell is ringing time and again. How can it be ringing? It’s always on vibration. Checked it and it was the message of my CTO “Where are you?” He wanted me to come online asap.

Nokri Kee Tay Nakhra Kee. Picked up my lazy ass and went to office. The CTO Sb. had an email in my inbox with many people in loop

"Rafaeel, Here you go with your first project. Please design a technical scoping document and share with all. Deadline: Tomorrow EOB :-)"

Thank you for mocking and making that smily at the end knowing that I don’t know a shit what you are talking about. Can you please tell me, “WTF is a Technical Scoping Document and what does EOB means?” Isn’t the client very clear in his email what they want from us? Anyways, I was just about to start that the Office Ke Safai wali maasi came with her dukhraas. I felt like sitting with her and sharing my dukhraas in return. I needed a strong dose of caffeine to concentrate so went onto making a cup of strong tea and I was welcomed back by my dad who wanted to get few of his documents typed, scanned and emailed. As soon as I got rid of them, my dad invited few of my uncles in my office who were insisting that I should go for Masters and I can’t study later. “Beta, Backup rakhte hein, Country Ke Halaat Ka Kaya Patta”. “Experience Lo Job Karke Aap.” “Mera Beta Yeh Karke Aaya Hai, Yeh Dekhain Inka Beta Masters in International Business Management Kar Raha Hai”. All I could do was to nod my head in accepting all facts & figures they were narrating. "Chalo Beta, Jao Baahir. Mein Aata Hoon Phir Kisse Din Aapko Guide Karne."

After seeing them off, I felt like killing myself. Back to desk and the colleagues asks “How much progress have you made on the document?”  I politely ask them “Can you please tell me what is a technical scoping document and send me the company document template?” If Arslan would have been online, I would have asked from him but he’s never online when you need him. Anyways, the CTO is good enough to send me the company document template and the sample document which had absolutely no relevance to the project. Somehow, I managed to write something in 2 hours, emailed and went to sleep once again at 9 in the morning.

Dad sent back the driver at 10 after reaching office so I could go for my PEC Registration. As soon as the driver came, nani amman woke me up :S   Can you just let me sleep? :(  Nevertheless I woke up, took a bath and thought I should get my Office Phone repaired as well as get my driver’s license renewed before going to PEC Office.

After a waiting time of 15 minute, the lady at WorldCall Service Care tells me that there are no batteries so the phone can’t be serviced. I told her that I have been visiting for the last one month or so. If they don’t have the required stuff, why are they publicizing it after every 10 minutes at all their cable channels. Frustrated, I leave for the Motor Licensing Authority Office in Liberty to get my Learner’s License renewed. The duty wardens are absent and would be coming in the evening and one of officers tells me that it would not be renewed from here, you would have to go to Katchehry and get some other chores done. Didn’t shaggy tell me that it would be renewed from where it was issued? I call up Shaggy and as usual he doesn’t pick up. Alhamdulillah PEC Registration goes smooth.

I am coming back SARRA hoa and the CTO tells me that the document has some issues and I have given extra information and should minimize stuff. Straight into the office, modified and sent. At the same instance, IEEE GOLDies start asking me why i am not organizing GOLD events these days and why didn't i attend International GOLD events lately? I ignore the IM windows and get off to take the much needed sleep.

Friday dawns with lots of messages from friends. “You are invited to my birthday party tomorrow. Be there at 5:00 p.m. sharp”. “You’ll have to be in my wedding Mr.CEO else I won’t forgive you for the rest of my life”. Best way to blackmail people. “You didn’t still confirm if you’ll be attending Kiss Away 09”. The country is burning and you are partying. Kiss My Ass 09 times i say. I leave my cell at home and leave for office.

In the evening, Dad’s driver starts asking for 2 days leave as it’s his cousin’s wedding over the weekend. Dad is furious as he has to attend a Cardiology Conference and few dinners in next two days. He hushes up the driver as the other driver is also not available. Dad's driver is going back with sad face. I walk up to the dad and convince him to give him the leave. "We’ll pick and drop you. Let him go." I go to my elder brother and ask him to accompany me to my friend’s wedding tomorrow. He replies “Mein Apnay Doston Ke Shaadi Par Naheen Gaya Pichlay 3 din se, tumharay saath jaaon?” Anyways, I tell him the issue and convince him too.

Today as I go to sleep on this Saturday Morning, there are birthdays of 7 friends and other 3 good friends are getting married with their weddings planned on different corners of the city. Happy Birthday to all my lovely friends and best of luck to those who are getting hitched today. I am not sure how this day will end up and if I’ll be able to make up to your event or not but you very well know I care for you and am happy for you.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Homecoming 2009 Kay Mundarjaat

Alumni Homecoming par gaya tu socha tha ke kutch logon ke shakayat duur ho jaeygee and na milne ka shikwa dam torega but shaid us maqsad mein kamyaab naheen ho sakka. Aaj jab Wahab Butt Ne Istafsaar Kiya  “Aur Janab Kahan Ghaib Hein? It’s been a while” tu ehsaas hoa ke kutch likh dena chahiyeh takay sinad rahay aur bawaqt-e-zaroorat kaam aye.

Homecoming Se Aik Din Pehlay, Kutch Career Changes aayen. Sab logon ko SMS karke mutalah kiya laikin phir bhee har aikne poochna tu tha hee “Haan Jee, Aur Ajkal Kaya Kar Rahay Ho?”  “Sunna Hai Masters Ke Liye Nikal Rahay Ho?” “Yaar Kabhi Mil He Liya Kar”. “Barra CEO Ho Gaya Hai, Ab Hamein Kahan Lift Karaega”  jaise jumle sunanay ko mille. Jabke Jinke kehnay par Homecoming mein shamooliyat ikhtiyar ke, unhon ne nazar andaaz kiya ya phir baishtar ne shirkat karna he munasib na samjha.

Hamza Rana Ka Itna Barra Fan Naheen Hoon, Laikin Irfan Bhai and Ahmed Bhai Ne Jab Saath Chalne Par Israar Kiya Tu Socha Ke Is Azeem Hastee Se Bhee Mulaqat Kar Leni Chahiyeh. Hamza Bhai Se Goh Ke Pehli Daffa Milla Laikin Unke Aik Jumlay Ne Sharminda Sa Kar Diya. Woh Jumla Jo Bhee Tha Meri Zaat Se Mutaliq Tha, Meray Faislon Ya Career Path Se Naheen. Aur Sirf Mujhe Ussi Jumle Se Ehsaas Hoa Ke “It really is Homecoming”. iShukrofyYouRana
Asim aur Aqeel Bhai Ke Saath Bhe Acha Waqt Guzra Aur Phir Meinay Is Mehfil Se Ruksat Leina He Munasib Samjha. Saood Ka Shukriya Jo Usne Mujhe Wapsi Par Sawari Dee Aur Meinay Apne Driver Ko Zehmat Dena Munasib Naheen Samjha.

Ghar Aa Ke Sabse Pehlay Un 120 business emailon ka safaaya karna shruu kiya jinka mein pichle 2 hafte se jawab na de sakka tha aur thaana ke Monday Se Aik Naey Walwalay se zindagi ka aghaaz karoonga.