Friday, February 13, 2009

Should Senior Speak Up? [Part 2]

A heartbroken guy got something to day dream about expecting that the answer might be "YES" this time over. It was infatuation, crush or whatever, I came home and messaged my best friends especially sahelis about her. As usual, no cheering response from their side. :(

As i have my own quotation, "If you like it, stalk it". Thus, I went to university the next day and scanned academic office's list to know which people appeared in that subject's retake. There were only 2 female students that appeared in the retake exam of that subject. Now the question was how to identify her.

Days passed and I couldn't get to see her. Perhaps I was forgetting her existence because I didn't even remember her face by that time. Then one day, Basim and Zombie were as usual on their "POONDI" campaign and then I got to know that Basim's "Crush List" has a new addition. According to Zombie that lady didn't even have straight legs and she walked clumsily. Basim wanted a second opinion so suddenly one day he yelled "Roofi!!” I turned back and he gestured towards a group and his face expressions meant "That One". Man, I was like WTF! WTF! because the group of girls that he was talking about had my angel in it. Basim's one was technically way prettier for me :P . All my sahelis were also of the opinion that Basim's one was the best amongst them. Don't know what women see in other women :S. Since this great PS deserves the best and I have never been after the prettiest bunch on the planet earth anyways, I had to be honest with him. Thus like an Indian Film, 2 best male friends were stalking 2 good female friends.

When I recapture all those moments, I see all those craziest things that i have done in my college life and still people call me a boring person. Why? Even if I am an introvert, any problems? I would also like to give few dear female friends some credit for confusing Basim's crush with mine and they know what they did :@ It went like that till SOFTEC 2007. At SOFTEC 2007, one of my female friends did a mistake after that I couldn't resist.

Arafat, Sohail and Choi’s Project PC was the heaven where I talked to this angel for the first time. Since it was Haider and Asad’s last semester, we used to get together at their Project PCs in Lab 2 for all the important “SOFTEC” and “The Rising” talks. I remember how Ahmed Sajjad used to seek the attention of the whole lab by with his trademark laughter after seeing the SOFTEC 2007 Registration System made by Cyco. “Sir AJAX Ka Scene Hai!”

Anyways, post SOFTEC 2007 I was working on something at Arafat’s Project PC. I moved from my seat to gossip with a friend who was sitting on a nearby PC. Suddenly, I noticed that one of the girls from this gang has taken seat of my PC and is about to restart the PC. In those days, it was really hard to find a PC in the lab. She and her other friends were standing nearby. Don’t know from where I got that courage. Rafaeel Akbar Chaudhry identifies the target, start moving towards this girl gang, reaches the target and says “Excuse Me!” She turns around in astonishment and fear. Her Fearful Questioning Eyes! OMG! After that all I could say was “This is my Project PC”. She didn’t utter a single word, their eyes talked in some alien language and all of them moved away. Does she has a tongue? I still don't know. All I can think after this was “You accompanying little chipmunks, take all the PCs of the lab but let me talk to her”. But it wasn’t my day.

Finally in mid May, I said that to her anonymously in the creepiest way. Senior thus did the cheapest and most junior mistake on the planet earth. Perhaps not saying it altogether was a much better option. Why the hell I can't tell the actual feelings in person? Why can’t her girl gang let her stroll alone? I didn't get any response and now that I think I am mature enough, I know that even if would have been at her place I wouldn’t have replied.

Interestingly, Basim’s crush transferred herself to another college after Spring 2007 semester. However, I would like to publically thank Mr. Qureshi for bearing my seniority issues and advising appropriately at times.

Q. Why am I writing this anyways?
A. For all those who kept asking me about my Valentine’s Day plans.

As Basim says that girls look for their Prince Charming and they don’t get to see that in their daily life. So, in his opinion successful people in this domain are mostly jerks and liars and I should act like one to score a girl. ”Enjoy a Crispy Life Man” .But after all these random thoughts, I still think I am a one woman guy. I don’t want to play with anyone’s emotions and then break up on a pity reason. I want to be with the sole entity that my family approves of. Being a “chickless virgin” is better than having a one night stand.

As for her, she is important for me especially her birthday :) but not important than my family. Perhaps that’s the most practical approach. Love is not about bringing that person in your life. For me, it’s more of seeing that person happy. I like (not love) her and would always pray that she gets the best in her whole life.

Saood has already commented on the post’s first part that I should wait for the right time. Thus, I am waiting for the right time. It’s her or anyone else, time will tell.

Concluding this long note, I would like to say that this may be the same old Valentine’s Day for me. But for the first time, I would like to dedicate it to my family and best friends, who have always been there for me through thick and thin. “I LOVE YOU ALL! MUAH MUAH! ”

“Happy Valentine’s Day” :)


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Dude! That was one ambiguous blog post! :D

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