Sunday, February 15, 2009

Roxen's "Bhuj Hai Gaya" a rip off of Omer Nadeem's "Dil Ka Diya"?

I heard Roxen singing this song at RockBall 09 and i was like "Wasn't this verse in Omer Nadeem's song 'Dil Ka Diya'?"

"Bujh Hai Gaya Yeh Dil Ka Diya, Teray Bin Lagay Na Mora Jiya"

Recently, Roxen has released the video of their version "Bujh Hai Gaya" as well. Apparently, Omer Nadeem was the former drummer of Roxen and was working with Haider Haleem on a separate project "Sifaar". As per my information, Omer composed some 5 songs in the album Roxen-e-Deewar which were

1. Chaltay Rahay (formally owned by Sifaar),
2. Jag Chor Diya
3. Aaj
4. Tu phir Aao
5. Sapnay

Is Roxen's version a rip off or the true thing? I am still looking for some official statements, blame games etc. because both sides are somewhat playing cool at the moment. Omer was caught up in the Atif Aslam and Gohar Mumtaz controversy as well.So, he might think thousand times before stepping up.

By the way, I personally think that Omer Nadeem's version is way better than Roxen's :)


Rafaeel Akbar Chaudhry said... @ February 16, 2009 at 5:24 AM

Omer Nadeem's statement

Waiting for Roxen's now!

Anonymous said... @ February 18, 2009 at 1:23 AM

Well bro, you have started a gud topic here.. .

RoXen really sux! .. this shows dat they really are not dat creative to create new tracks!! ... The tone still resembles "Tera mera Rishta" , they are not coming up wid something totally different! ... n I hav heard OMER NADEEM's song and about this news almost months back.. but still i duno why ROXEN have released it and i guess there are going to launch its vdo as well...

This is Pakistan...........n every BULLSHIT is possible here!!

so dnt wry.. they will come down one day... 4sure..

Rafaeel Akbar Chaudhry said... @ February 18, 2009 at 1:26 AM

Their video is already out :)

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