Monday, October 20, 2008

What Roofi never wanted - Part I

Today, i am writing something that might relate to Burhan Bhai's post "What Farid never wanted"

August 2004 till present, i associate myself to this institute called "FAST-National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences" . Batch 2001* is what i call my mentor batch.

* (Every Junior Batch considers their final year the best batch and their first SOFTEC as the "Best SOFTEC".That's a fact)

Batch 2001 and partially 2002 have mentored me to the present "Rafaeel".Tribute to senior batches is over due but that would come on this blog on a later stage.But on a short note, these are the people who taught me how to deal the world and most importantly developed "sense of ownership for the Alma Mater" and contributing back to the institute.

It was early 2005 when Burhan & Nauman Bhai said to me "Roofi, Be Selfish!".Though, I realized the true meanings of these words at a much later stage but i kept wondering

"Why Burhan Bhai said so?".
"Isn't he the nice guy that we all know of or he's another politician out there?"

Lets fast forward this story uptil the year 2007.Til now, apart from other stuff i got to know one thing that seniors surely know much more than us.Moreover, some incidents took place during these years which made me firm that i would never contribute back to this institute no matter what.



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