Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Profile: Evelop Solutions Inc.

Evelop provides an extensive range of design and development services. An atmosphere of creativity blooms at Evelop where every viewpoint is heard and brainstorming sessions result in innovative perspectives. Every project is tackled on an individual basis from scratch tailored to what the customer requires.

Design Projects are taken from the first step of understanding what the client is looking for the final delivery of design tailored to revised according to what the client is 100% satisfied with. Quick Mocks are a trademark at Evelop where we realize how urgent projects can be and how quickly clients need to make up their mind.

Communication is the core of our business strategy. Whether its IM, Private Messaging Board or Email Communication, we are in contact 24/7 through one medium or another. It is our vision to be a completely client-driven enterprise.

The development services are extensive. With a core strength in Information Systems and Business Process Optimization Software ranging from Customer Relationship Manager, Enterprise Resource Planner to Management Information System, Supply Chain Management System. Our understanding is not just limited to the technical implementation of these software but, as our proposals will showcase, our skills are excellent in the literature based understanding of these platforms making us an excellent firm to opt for. It is this understanding that allows us to be a consultant firm as well, one that can drive you through the whole process of automating your processes, increasing your ROI and optimizing your life cycle.

We thoroughly enjoy Web Projects. Ranging from the simplest implementation of an E-Commerce Solution to complex Web 2.0 Applications, we thrive on providing value to these solutions. Increasing your business intelligence through the provision of high end data mining abilities in your solutions, our services are meant to strengthen your understanding of your future.
Our development team has experience in

• .NET • ASP • Ajax • C/C++ • CMS • CSS • Cold Fusion • Data Entry • Delphi • Flash • Graphic Design • Handheld • JSP • Java • Javascript • LDAP • Links • MS Access • MS SQL • Marketing • Multimedia • MySQL • Oracle • PHP • Perl/CGI • PostgreSQL • Python • SQL • Script Installation • Search Engine Optimization • Security • System Administration • Translation • Visual Basic • Website Design • Wordpress • Writing • XHTML • XML • mSQL

Come to us and allow us to Evelop your solutions.

For further details, contact

Evelop Solutions Inc.

15-R, Model Town, Lahore.Pakistan

Office Phone: 042-6133985


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