Wednesday, February 09, 2011

The power of 8052

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9th Feb 2011, 5:04:AM, ROOFExpress Office: When Bao G and Shaban Bhai used to teach us Microprocessor Interfacing & Programming Course, some of us took it as a useless course till I realized its power in my Final Year Project. Tonight, I solved 3 problems on a whiteboard using an 8052 with a Pseudocode, and now I seriously wish to go back to the life of Wires, Boards, Assembly Language and Keil. All my friends including Khurram Siddiqi, Ahmad Raza and others who are teaching this course, the kids in your class can solve many social problems with these small tiny devices provided they are given commercial projects. I would request you to please make this course fun for them.


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