Monday, October 04, 2010

I'm moving on

It was long due and I felt totally worthless. Even it didn’t end as I expected it to be but at least I am happy that it’s over.  I have surprised myself in last year or so. Whenever I had a similar situation earlier, I went down for weeks but lately when I get hurt for some reason, it’s just one bad day. Life has made me stronger and tougher somehow.

Big “NO”’s have always led me to greater decisions and redefining myself as I believe everything happens for a reason. I sincerely hope that this comes as a similar moment. I have never lived in yesterdays and am now a strong believer of moving on no matter how I am treated.

As I left with heavy heart after the conversation, I wished the other side very best from the bottom of my heart. I tried to find peace in sleep. Couldn’t sleep. Then God came to my help. I thought about all those friends and family members who are concerned and decided I’ll start tomorrow with a smile. Over the last evening, I have realigned my brain, heart and soul. I have replanned matters and am now all set to take on this day as nothing happened. I am ready to rock the office team and a business development meeting today. :)