Friday, September 25, 2009

Am I objectionable?

Recently, the fever of Go Green was catching up every Pakistani. The purpose was to bring in the spirit of national pride and to establish the unity, love and faith back in the younger generation of Pakistan. I uploaded my following greened picture in the personal info of a Pakistani Job Portal.

The reply that i got was [Click to see the Clearer Version]


Dear Rafaeel Chaudhry,

We were unable to approve a picture you uploaded to [Jobsite] recently. The picture was either objectionable in content or not an accurate representation of you. Please click here to review the [Jobsite] Picture Policy.

Please do not upload pictures containing pets, animals, nudity, portions of the body (hands, eyes etc.), sketches, scenery, objects, violence, inflammatory/offensive language or image, paintings/artwork, celebrities, cartoon characters or copyrighted images.

[Jobsite] is striving to bridge the gap between professionals and employers. We are also trying to educate our job seekers regarding different industry ethics and bring them parallel to international standards.

Therefore, we encourage you to upload your formal passport size photograph that depicts you as a professional job seeker. However uploading pictures on [Jobsite] is optional.

To upload another picture, click here:

Or copy and paste the following link into your browser: [Picture Updation Link]

Best Regards, The [Jobsite] Team

I thought that may be the Jobsite doesn't endorse the Go Green Campaign, so i updated the following picture and got the same message.

The last try that i would now do is to get myself photographed in a studio in a formal wear to confirm if i am objectionable or not.

Meanwhile i would like to know about your opinion. :)


Danish said... @ January 13, 2010 at 2:31 PM

cartoon characters or copyrighted images.

yaar ya reason nahi parhii tum ne mail main :P

bus yahe aik reason samajh ati hai muj ko jis ki waja sy tumhari pic approve nai ki unhoo ne :P

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