Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Cute Post

Those who are looking forward to a complex topic for their thesis, I would request them to please undertake the word “Cute” as a suggested one from my side and I am even ready to fund this research. Throughout my life, I never understood what women mean when they say This so cute. Every second thing that women in my network see is CUTE. This cup is so cute”, “Did you meet her cute nephew?”, “Uska Doggy Itna Cute Sa Hai”, “CUTOOOO”, "I love him because he's so cute", “Your socks are so cute”, “It is such a cute pencil”. I wonder how a vegetable can be cute. Even voting for the American Idol and other TV shows is done on the basis of cuteness

I remember when I was in FAST-NU, we were informed that there is a rat in the fountain area and before filling the tank, we have to take it out. The rat made us run all across the front lawns and as we were about to capture it, a lady yelled “Please, don’t hurt him! See it’s so cute”. It frustrated me so much that if I had the power, I would have thrown her in the fountain later in the evening saying “See! You Look So Cute!” 

It would not come as a surprise if this post is also termed as “Cute”.