Friday, May 30, 2008

What went wrong till now

I welcome you to my place where you’ll find Doctors (Medical/Ph.D) except me. Since all the elder kids were on their perfect way, my parents might have thought that he'll make it too but unfortunately i couldn't. Or perhaps there has to be an exception in a family. It all started from the basic education. I was never good at English, Mathematics & Sciences but my parents still wanted me to take "Additional Mathematics" at O-Levels and opt for the engineering field. The same happened with my eldest brother who was forced to opt for medical though I think he would have been an Engineering/CS Guru if he chose any of these fields. But still he managed 2nd slot in King Edward's MBBS Final Prof Exams & doing good Mashallah. I had never been a straight A's guy but still managed to get away with O/A Level with average grades. Few A's, lotsa B's and some C's ain't that bad in my point of view. I thought my parents might let me opt for my choice of higher education but perhaps they needed an "Engineer" at their place. During A-Level, I got into some good Engineering Schools in U.K. but you pretty much know how much expensive they are for International students.

Luckily, I scored good in all the entry tests that I gave & made to some reputable engineering institutes in Pakistan like "Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute" etc. But since my father wanted to keep a check on me, he asked me to opt for the Lahore Campus of "FAST-NU" (A recognized CS institute which just started off its Telecommunication Engineering program).By then I was also of the view that Engineering is the right field for me so I didn't go for any BBA/NCA tests as I pretty much knew that it would be a waste of time & energy as my parents won't allow me to go for any of such degrees.

At FAST-NU, things went as expected. I was a very good student till first semester as there was nothing much to do but later the extra-curricular activities fascinated me so much that I forgot all about my purpose of coming to FAST-NU. Few days back the Batch Rep 2004 TE , Ahsan Hasan told me that only 16 out of the intake of 250 engineering students of our batch is graduating on time. Since the convocation is in July, most of us will now get degrees with the junior batch. So, I’ll push hard to get away with this engineering degree by the end of December somehow. May Allah be with me.

I always read my horoscope for fun. Pisces are Artistic, Creative, Musical, Romantic, Imaginative, Emotional and Sensitive people. At least, I agree with the statement. After coming to FAST & getting exposure to the world, I realized that management work, theme & campaign design, creative designing & film making were the actual things that fascinated me. But perhaps that was too late. Moreover, I wanted to complete this degree off for my parents.

I am really unsure what I’ll be doing after my graduation. Job, Masters, Switching Profession are all the possible options in front of me. All I know by now is that "Electrical Engineering" is not the right word for me. What do ya say? :)
Friday, May 30, 2008

Me & My Best Friend

I do work on some hidden projects which i don't want the world to see.One of the hidden projects that i am currently doing is something you might not expect from a "Book Hater" like me :)

Folks, i am currently writing a book on a very dear friend of mine.Someone who showed me what life is all about.Someone who taught me the meaning of Happiness and Gloominess.In short, someone who has surely made a difference in my life by making me what i am today.

Though i am done with 80% of the text, i think it would take me another 5-6 years to complete my first book.I don't plan to publish this book nor i want anyone to read it except myself.Its all about "Me & My Best Friend"
Thursday, May 29, 2008

ROOFExpress: Rafaeel's Official Expression Spot

Everytime i came across my friends & family whether it be old school companions, college mates, seniors or any other cousin, the most frequent questions that they asked were "What i am upto?" , "What i think?","What are my future plans?", "Would SOFTEC 2008 happen or not?".Since i have noticed that my social networking has increased a lot in last few years, its not possible for me to repeat the tape again & again.So, i thought of blogging (something i wanted to do for quite some time) & recording the personal happenings in my life viewable to any person on the net.Therefore, it is to announce that i may start regular blogging from June 1, 2008 to let people know my views on different issues & what i am upto.

So, keep visiting my blog.I'll be initiating posts pretty soon.

Till then, Take Care :)